Registry Hearings

DUI Defense Attorney for Registry of Motor Vehicles Hearings

To get your license reinstated after you have been arrested and charged with DUI in Massachusetts, you may have to go to a Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) hearing. In some cases, you must complete a state-approved alcohol program to get your license back. In other cases, you may qualify for a hardship license based on a letter from your employer.

Whatever your situation, having a lawyer from the Pollack Law Group, P.C. (PLG) at your side can only help you achieve your goal of driving again.

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RMV Hearing Lawyer

Living without the ability to drive can create massive problems in your life. Not being able to drive to work or school and other activities becomes a serious problem. It can take hours to get from place to place on public transportation, or you may have to rely on co-workers or friends to get to work, to the doctor or even to the grocery store.

If you have had your driver's license suspended, it is important that you enlist a Massachusetts DUI defense lawyer from our firm to help you with your registry hearing and fight to get you back behind the wheel. Most people do not know how to deal with a registry hearing. With the assistance of a talented and experienced DUI defense lawyer, you stand a much better chance of getting behind the wheel.

Contact an OUI Lawyer for Help at Your Registry Hearing

When it comes to litigating registry hearing cases, we vigorously and tirelessly fight for clients, both in District Court and at the RMV. Learn more about Massachusetts DUI laws by calling 800-82-DEFENSE (800-823-3336) or contact us online. Our lawyers handle drunk driving cases throughout New England and beyond.