Breathalyzer Refusals

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Yes, you got arrested. That doesn't mean you have to get convicted! Our attorneys are extremely knowledgeable and skilled in handling DUI charges of all types. They are prepared to discuss your case in a free initial consultation and advise you how to move forward with your defense. It is important not to just plead guilty to a DUI charge. So many types of defenses are possible and in fact, with the accuracy of the testing that is used, it is very possible that you were not driving intoxicated at all.

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Penalties for Refusing the Breathalyzer Test

Massachusetts has strict laws regarding refusing a Breathalyzer test. If you refuse the test, you face an immediate suspension of your license for 180 days or longer, even for life in some cases, depending on whether you have earlier multiple DUI convictions. These are the penalties under the new DUI laws:

  • First offense: 180-day automatic driver's license suspension
  • Second offense (or under 21 years of age): three-year license revocation
  • Third offense: five-year license revocation
  • Fourth offense: 10-year license revocation
  • Fifth offense: License revoked for life

Our attorneys advise people to not refuse the Breathalyzer test, as you may be better off taking the test and fighting for your defense as opposed to automatically losing your license for 180 days on a first offense.

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