Life After Your OUI

With a Strong Defense, There Is Life After an OUI-DUI

If you have been represented by an aggressive OUI defense attorney, you likely will not have been convicted of the crime, and you will continue your life as normal. That is a huge relief after the fear and concern you have been dealing with since your arrest. This is the result of the hard work and aggressive approach of your OUI defense lawyer. However, if you did not enlist the assistance of a Massachusetts defense attorney, you are probably facing some very serious penalties, as you have likely been convicted of OUI.

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Attorneys Working to Limit Long-Term Consequences

The effects of a Massachusetts DUI conviction don't stop once you've paid your fines, done your community service and served your probation. You can be facing long-term consequences that include increased car insurance premiums and being treated as a repeat offender if you ever receive another DUI. You may be barred from some jobs, especially those requiring a commercial driver's license. If you hope to fight your DUI charges, it is absolutely critical that you get legal representation from a Boston OUI defense attorney.

How to Deal With Life After a DUI Conviction

Your life will never be the same in some ways, although most people put DUI convictions behind them and move on to perfectly normal lives. How you deal with your DUI does make a difference. Ideas to consider as you face life after a DUI include:

  • Take responsibility. If you had a good defense lawyer and you were still convicted, you probably violated the law.
  • Change your life. If you have a problem with alcohol, get help. If you drink only around certain people, make new friends. Speak to a counselor about other ways of dealing with challenges.
  • Ask your family and friends to help you. People like to be asked, especially if you actually take their advice!
  • Help others. You'll be surprised how much that helps you. Drive people to alcohol counseling after you get your license back. Volunteer at high school alcohol education classes. Join an organization that promotes safe driving.

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