DUI Penalties

What's at Risk if You're Convicted of DUI/OUI in Massachusetts?

Being on the receiving end of an OUI/DUI charge is frightening. For most people, it's a big step into the unknown — something they've never done, somewhere they've never been. It's frightening on another level as well, because most people have heard about the possibility of very harsh penalties, even if they've never been charged with a DUI/OUI before.

That's an important reason to have advice and advocacy from an attorney who will answer your questions about your options, making sure you understand the possible penalties associated with different approaches to your case.

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Some Common OUI/DUI Penalties

When people call our lawyers after being arrested and charged with drunk driving, they are often concerned about going to jail, losing their driver's licenses or needing to pay huge fines. We tell them about the probability of facing such penalties as well as matters such as:

  • Hardship licenses: You may be able to qualify for a hardship license that gives you limited driving privileges.
  • License suspension: Your license will be automatically suspended if you are arrested on suspicion of OUI/DUI — even if you are never convicted.
  • Interlock devices: You may be able to keep driving if you agree to have an ignition interlock device (IID) installed in your car.
  • License hearings: To get your license back or obtain a hardship license, you will need to appear at a license hearing, also known as an Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) hearing.
  • Melanie's Law: Melanie's Law provides for enhanced penalties for many drunk driving offenses, including having a child in the car when stopped for OUI/DUI, repeat offenses and driving on a suspended license after an OUI conviction.

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