DUI Penalties

Information About Penalties for Conviction of DUI in MA and Elsewhere

Being arrested on suspicion of DUI-OUI is frightening, to say the least. First, there's the actual process of being arrested, charged and arraigned. You may even spend the night in jail. Second, you don't know what will happen afterward. A drunk driving charge, especially a first charge, is a step into the unknown for almost everyone.

If you have an attorney from the Pollack Law Group, P.C. (PLG) by your side, he or she will give you the straight story about what you may be facing. Drunk driving laws in Massachusetts are tough. That's why our lawyers work hard to help clients secure the most favorable outcomes possible.

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Explaining the Possible Outcomes

We don't sugarcoat what we tell clients, whether it's about their chances of beating the DUI charges or about the penalties they face under tough Massachusetts DUI laws. For example, we make sure that clients know the severity of the consequences of a conviction for drinking and driving, which can include:

In addition to penalties such as these, people convicted of OUI-DUI face many expenses. Fines can be many thousands of dollars. You may have to pay for education and treatment yourself, even when it's a first offense. And then there are the hidden costs of conviction. In particular, a conviction may affect your inability to work in certain fields, especially those requiring a commercial driver's license (CDL). Your car insurance rates will increase. You may have a felony criminal record and people will know about your arrest and conviction.

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