Massachusetts Juvenile Crimes Attorney

If your child is accused of a criminal offense, it's important to obtain legal help immediately. This is the best thing you can do to protect your child's future. At the Pollack Law Group, P.C. (PLG), we provide our young clients with the same aggressive and thorough defense that we offer adults. Many of our juvenile cases are referred by other attorneys, former clients, police officers and courtroom personnel because they know that we will vigorously seek the best outcome in a case against a young person.

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Most parents who call us are not familiar with the criminal justice system and have many questions. Our Massachusetts lawyers answer their questions and start working on the child's case right away. Our lawyers are bulldogs in the courtroom and are determined to fight to keep your child out of the Department of Youth Services.

Fighting to Keep Your Child Out of Adult Court

We also fight vigorously to keep young people out of the adult court system. In some instances, the district attorney may seek to try a child as an adult. If the child is convicted, he or she could be incarcerated in the state prison system.

Defending High School and College Students

Although most college students are not juveniles in the eyes of the criminal justice system, they face the same long-term issues as high school students, most of whom are treated as juveniles. Their futures and careers are threatened before they have even begun.

From Destruction of Property to Violent Crimes — Our Lawyers Handle It All

Our law firm helps high school and college students deal with charges involving theft, drunk driving, drugs charges, shoplifting, burglary, underage drinking, assault and battery, gang offenses, juvenile sex crimes, trespassing, weapons offenses, disturbing the peace and destruction of property.

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