Worcester Juvenile Defense Attorney Handling Bullying Charges

Massachusetts has one of the most comprehensive anti-bullying laws in the U.S. It requires schools to take certain measures to protect students from all types of bullying, including physical and verbal abuse. Bullying may be defined as repeated physical, verbal or written conduct against another person that causes a hostile environment for the victim, places the victim in reasonable fear of harm, damages the victim's property or interferes with the victim's education.

Bullying Can Be in Person or Electronic

Bullying may be carried out by electronic means as well, often referred to as "cyberbullying" and potentially including text messages, emails, posts on Facebook and more. In all cases, you need an experienced attorney to defend you. Contact our attorneys at the Massachusetts DUI Defense Group to get started. Call (800) 82-DEFENSE (1-800-823-3336) or use our online form to schedule your appointment with one of our attorneys.

Facing Bullying Charges? Call Our Lawyers at the Massachusetts DUI Defense Group

Bullying charges and a conviction may forever impact a minor's future. The most important thing you can do if your son or daughter was taken into custody for bullying is to immediately involve a Worcester juvenile crime attorney from our law firm. Pursuant to Massachusetts law regarding stalking and harassment, a minor may be arrested for bullying or cyberbullying and may face criminal charges in juvenile court or may be tried as an adult. Depending on the acts carried out and the impact these have on the victim as well as other circumstances surrounding the case, a defendant may face up to five years' imprisonment and a fine of up to $1,000.

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